All About that Ukelele!!!

I am not going to lie, over the last couple of weeks I have been having flashbacks to hearing recorders squeaking in the classroom. Some days learning the ukulele with my students has been a little painful. However, each day we are making progress.

I know my students are starting to get sick of playing Let it Be, but there has been quite a bit of improvement. I hope you can hear how well we are doing too! Next week, after Remembrance Day, we are going to move on to learning a Christmas song. I would love to have my students perform for the school, but I know that would be very difficult for my kiddos. So, I am hoping to at least make a video of our class playing songs that I can share with their families on Seesaw, and maybe at the winter concert.

On my own, I have been using the Kala app to learn more chords, songs and about strumming. I downloaded an app on my phone that let me record myself using the app. Here is a short video showing of the options within the app.

Like I said in the video, when you play along to a song, it kind of feels like you are playing a video game, and I thought that my students would really like to try the app. Using the screen cast app on my phone, I recorded a whole song, and projected it on the whiteboard this morning for my students to try. They really loved it! The app allows you to change the tempo of each of the songs, so I am able to slow the tempo down a bit. As we progress, the tempo of the songs can increase. One of the biggest issues that my students have with reading the chords off of paper is they lose where they are in the song. The app makes it easier for them to follow along and pick up where they are in the song if they make a mistake.

We have picked a few other songs that they would like to try. I had a video of me playing my ukulele last night, but realized when I went to upload it that there was no sound. So, a video of me playing my ukulele is still to come. My goal for the next week is to move from simple strumming to using different strumming patterns within songs. I plan to use the Kala app on my phone and a website that I found. Maybe some day I will be able to throw a dance in there as well.

4 thoughts on “All About that Ukelele!!!

  1. Definitely making some progress! I haven’t heard of the Kala app before but it looks interesting! Looking forward to the video of you doing some playing. Keep up the good work.


  2. I love that you found a tool that was useful to you and shared it with the students, who also benefitted from it. I feel that pain of squeaks as I’m still trying to overcome that as well with my clarinet playing. It feels good when you play something that sounds somewhat like a song


  3. Great progress on your major project, Allison! It sounds like the Kala app is really working well – I wonder if there’s an app like that for playing the guitar? My son is just learning the guitar. Loved the giphy of the girl playing the Uke! Too funny!


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