I’ve Had the Time of my Life…

I am so happy that my teaching partner was open to teaching my students and me how to play the ukulele. It has been so much fun! I have loved watching my students become more comfortable each day and the joy they feel when they have mastered a new chord, new song and new strumming pattern. It has been great working through the learning process with them. Last week we were learning how to play “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”, which has a new chord in it, and I was having difficulty with it. One of my students said to me “Just keep practicing Ms. B, you’ll get it!” Not only have the students been encouraging me, but they also have encouraged each other, which is the best part of this whole process. I am amazed at how much we have learned in such a small time and look forward to keeping it up in 2020!

I’m not sure how many chords we learned, but it was quite a few. We also learned how to do two different strumming patterns in some songs. On my own this week, I also learned a song (Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkle) that required me to play two different chords within the strumming pattern. There were definitely times that my brain couldn’t keep up with all of the things that my hands had to do, but I am very proud of my success. I have included a video that has a montage of some of the songs that I learned this term.

I forgot to record audio of my students playing some of the songs, so I will add that in tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Had the Time of my Life…

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed with your skills! It seems like your experience not only helped you learn the skills of ukulele, but also allowed you to build deeper relationships with your students. I’m glad you’ll keep it up in the future 🙂 Great job this semester, Allison!


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