Major Learning Project – Option 2

Well, after a very crappy start to the semester (and year), I am finally able to post about my major learning project. I have decided to delve into option #2 and learn more about both social apps and educational apps. I haven’t fully decided which apps I am going to research and learn how to use, but I think that I want to look into TikTok for sure. After talking with my students, they suggested looking into TikTok, Discord and Instagram. I already have an Instagram account, but haven’t actually done much research into the app. I have never used TikTok and Discord, but these social apps are used by my students on a daily basis and it would be good to know what they are all about. I also would really like to look into the impact that these social apps have the mental health of middle years students. For the educational apps I would like to look into ShowMe and SeeSaw. I am already signed up for SeeSaw, but use it strictly as a way to message parents. I haven’t used the app to share lessons, activities and projects. From what I quickly saw about ShowMe, it seems like it could be similar to SeeSaw. I am sorry that this post is so short, but there will be more details coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Major Learning Project – Option 2

  1. This sounds like a great project idea! I have never heard about the app Discord, so I am excited to read your review on it. I think it’s a great idea to look into the mental health side of social media. I am curious to see what your research brings forward! Let me know if you need any help with the Seesaw research. I use it quite frequently in my classroom for lessons and activities, so I would be happy to help. Good luck!


  2. I have some experience with discord. My own kids use it a lot and the tech club I supervise you it a lot (I’m part of this group and it’s been a great way to share and organize). It’s kinda like slack or MS Teams. It was originally set up for the gaming community but has found a niche . Looking forward to your project.


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