Examples of Seesaw in my classroom

Well, with the closure of schools and the start of remote learning, my teaching partner and I decided to stick with Seesaw and try it out for remote learning. So, as I have already mentioned, we use Seesaw as a messaging app with our parents. Because you can download the app on many different typesContinue reading “Examples of Seesaw in my classroom”

A little more about Seesaw

As mentioned, Seesaw was created in 2012 by Adrian Graham, Charles Lin, and Carl Sjogreen. When trying to find information about Seesaw, I came across their Meet the Seesaw Team section of their website. It states “At Seesaw, we’re a team of educators and lifelong learners who wake up everyday thinking about igniting students’ passion forContinue reading “A little more about Seesaw”

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

This week, we’ve taken a look at the concept of digital citizenship, including Mike Ribble’s nine elements. In your blog post for this week, provide an update of your major project, thinking specifically about how your project relates to one or more elements of digital citizenship. You might draw on class materials, the assigned readings,Continue reading “Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship”

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